YouTube Vanced MOD APK 17.03.38 (Premium Unlocked)

YouTube Vanced MOD APK Download:- Hello, gentlemen. Do you like viewing videos on YouTube but are annoyed by the constant barrage of advertisements and are looking for a solution to this problem? If you answered yes,

then YouTube Vanced Mod Apk is the best option for you. Now you may have the ultimate viewing experience by watching videos in floating windows while listening to music in the background.

With YouTube Vanced, you may access many extra features in addition to all of the official features of the official YouTube programme, which is one of the most often downloaded modified versions of the official YouTube application available.

This programme has many amazing features like ad blocking, background music, floating videos, dark themes, and many other things that make viewing YouTube a whole different experience than ever before.

The activities like subscribing to channels, enjoying and commenting on videos, and many other things may be completed without signing into your account with this programme. In fact, you will notice that the UI of this programme is very similar to the original one, so you will never get the impression that you are using a modified version.

However, as we all know, we are unable to do other activities on our smartphones while watching YouTube videos, which results in decreased productivity. Almost every YouTube video has a large number of unpleasant advertisements,

which eventually creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for the viewers. You may, however, enjoy an ad-free experience by buying a YouTube premium membership, but the fee is prohibitively expensive.

Assume that you have found YouTube to be a valuable tool in your life. If you use Youtube on a daily basis to view videos, listen to music, or post videos, then you are almost certainly familiar with Youtube Vanced,

which is a version of the site that does not display advertisements. This version has received a great deal of positive feedback from users and is considered the best option by many. A fresh version of the software was created in order to further enhance it as well as to satisfy the growing demands of users. That version of YouTube Vanced (Version 2),

which was built on the foundation of the previous version’s material, included a slew of other helpful features. This implies that you will have yet another option for getting the most out of what YouTube has to offer. See what’s new in this edition and how it differs from the previous one.

YouTube Vanced MOD APK Download

How to Download the App?

Name Youtube Vanced
Publisher Vanced Team
Version v17.03.38
Size  59 MB
Get it On Play Stor
Updated October 22, 2022
MOD Features Ad Free, Background Play

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Because it has been updated in terms of interface and design improvements, you may select which version you wish to use to match your phone’s capabilities with version 2. Users will also find the installation and upgrading processes to be more pleasant.

This version has the potential to provide you with the ideal kind of enjoyment! There are many steps you must complete in order to be able to make use of the new app features. First and foremost, you must download and install the full version of this application on your smartphone.

Afterward, you launch the Vanced Manager program and configure it by selecting the application to download or both the Vanced Youtube and YouTube music options, as appropriate. If your phone has been Rooted, you will need to choose the Grant Root permission option.

If this is the case, click on the Close button. Because the interface in this new version has been modified, when you select Settings, new information and functions will show on the screen. Interested in learning more about the version information? Navigate to the ellipses and choose the settings, update Manager, and About tabs.

Some Highlights

In addition to the advantages of the previous version, this version 2 has additional features that improve the overall smoothness of the application’s operation. Color choices are added to the version in order to minimize user eye strain and battery life consumption.

The only difference between the two versions is that version 2 includes a function that enables you to play video in the background or picture in picture while viewing videos (for Android on 8.0). Additionally, you may adjust the brightness and volume by using the swipe control.

In addition, the update has an auto-repeat function, which allows you to play a song or watch TikTok repeat videos while the app is running. This also makes it easier for people who like watching videos until they get bored to do so. This function saves you the trouble of having to modify the options over and again.

What is Youtube Vanced Mod Apk

A completely modified (hacked) version of the official YouTube software, YouTube Vanced is available for download. You may enjoy all of the modified features, such as floating video windows, resolution switcher, easy swiping controls, various themes, and many other things, without having to spend a single cent for the privilege.

It’s a fantastic modified software that grabs all of the YouTube videos via source code and instantly disables the advertisements utilizing their power system, which is very impressive.

  • Unlock the premium features of YouTube.
  • Customize the look and feel of the theme
  • In image mode, you can see what you’re looking at.
  • Speed and resolution are the most important factors.
  • Auto-repeat

If you’ve been using the YouTube application for a long, you’re probably aware that it makes it difficult to use other applications while viewing videos on it. However, Youtube Vanced has a comprehensive system that enables you to stream videos in the background,

which eventually allows you to listen to your favorite songs while browsing other social media networks like Instagram and Facebook, among others.

You may use this program on both rooted and non-rooted devices without seeing any difference in the functionality they provide. It is one of the greatest features of this program, in my opinion, that we can choose from a variety of different themes such as dark, black, or white, which makes the interface more comfortable according to our preferences.

If you are a music enthusiast who enjoys listening to YouTube music on a regular basis, I suggest that you download our YouTube Music Premium Apk, which allows you to enjoy free YT music premium on your Android smartphone.

Features of Youtube Vanced

A variety of exciting features, such as auto-repeating videos, zooming in and out, preferred speed selection, no advertisements, and many other things, make YouTube Vanced an excellent choice for viewers. However, despite the fact that this program is not accessible on the official Google Play Store, it continues to have millions of active users across the globe.

Ad Free experience

If you are using the official YouTube application without a premium membership, you are probably aware that a large number of advertisements shown on the videos, ultimately degrades the overall user experience.

Although all ads have been deleted from the modified version of YouTube Vanced Apk, you may still enjoy an ad-free experience without having to pay for a premium membership to YouTube.

Intuitive swipe controls

You may manage and modify various elements of the program with your fingertips thanks to the simple swipe controls system included in YouTube Vanced Apk. By swiping up and down on the screen, you can quickly change the brightness of your device.

Zoom in and Zoom out

The most useful feature of the YouTube Vanced genuine apk is the ability to zoom in and out, which allows us to zoom in and out of videos as we are viewing them. In situations when we need to extract precise information from movies, this capability is very useful.

Youtube Premium Unlocked

Advanced offers all of the premium features, such as ad-free viewing, offline viewing, background play, and many more, that are exclusively available to YouTube subscribers who pay a monthly membership fee. All of the features of YouTube Vanced, on the other hand, are completely free to use.


YouTube Vanced’s auto-repeat function gives you the best experience possible while re-watching videos without the need to make any manual setup changes. All you have to do is activate this function and you’ll be able to watch for hours on end.

Some more features

  • Maximum resolution
  • Smooth Interface
  • Different themes
  • Customized playing skills

It is impossible to surpass Youtube Vanced, a customized version of the YouTube app that allows you to modify the whole layout to your liking and make use of many exclusive features.

The creators of this program are always working to repair minor problems and update the features to make them more helpful to the user.

Don’t forget to share this modified apk with your friends if you like it. Also, if you have any questions or concerns with this YouTube Vanced mod apk, or if some of the modified features do not function for you, please let us know in the comments section. I would be delighted to answer any and all of your questions.

New Features

Version 2 has gained a large number of users since it was first released. Because this new version has many more optimum features, it is recommended that you install it immediately. First, it adjusts settings on smartphones running Android 5 and 6. Second,

it reduces the time it takes for Vanced Youtube to start up, as well as the time it takes for YouTube Music to play. Third, the update features a new appearance that is both attractive and appropriate from an aesthetic standpoint for many individuals.

By capturing the Codec settings, the app gives you the ability to force HDR playback or switch off 60 fps if you want a more dramatic viewing experience. You may adjust the default playing speed anywhere between 0.25x and 2x, depending on your requirements and listening capabilities, and save your settings. As a result of its high quality,

this version is capable of delivering crisp 4k playing on any device. You may also convert advertisements, posts on the Community Tab, and movie purchases using the program. The content on the banner is concise, yet it is very vibrant. To prevent any difficulty, if you don’t like the remarks or comments, you may also remove them completely.

Final Words

In Short, It is a very useful Youtube Modified Version of Official Youtube for getting an Ad-Free Experience while Watching Videos.

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