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Welcome to, Today we tell you about the best Traffic Racer mobile game. This game is for sure an amazing and beautiful game, Just play with your friends. Let’s say Nissan Skyline and you will agree with me. If you like driving, So Traffic Racer is for you. Respect for creators because there are no Ads, No boring, Feeling of action Run.

I’ve played this game for years. In the beginning, this was my absolute favorite game. Then I got a new phone & all my progress got erased. I started over but all of a sudden the prices on all the cars went way up & how fast you earn money went way down. I played for a little while before I got addicted to CSR 2 for a bit. But I always come back to this game. Now I got a new phone & again all my progress was erased. No other app does this. Finally uninstalled.

The graphic is good, handling is great. Would have given 5  but I give 2 cos I was disappointed that the game doesn’t have multiplayer and the road view is trash. Who drives a car on the road where you can see far ahead Change the field of view and let it cover the long distance for players to navigate with sense by viewing the upcoming vehicle from afar and add a multiplayer option,

The traffic Racer game is an Amazing game, a Good game, with nice music, but the cars are too expensive and the cash is too little; like I’d have to play 1yr to get the police car. Another thing is that you guys should add modes like classic races and escape, whereas I BE THE ONE CHASED BY COPS. It’s a good game, but lacks an amp factor-like races with others and being chased by cops,


What is Traffic Racer APK?

This is the best game EVER!!!! But when I exit the city I have to go to the main menu just to go to the garage so I hope you put a garage button when you exit the city oh and also why do we have to get a police car to unlock a police chase mode please let us play without any police car so that we can just have more fun. And can we have a police car so when we are in the city and we break the law The police cars will start chasing us so I hope this will come in handy for you and your Friends bye,

I have been playing your game for a number of years. For the longest time, the game has become very boring. Most of the vehicles look alike. I don’t know why you don’t add any old muscle cars, vans, or trucks, pick up your game is a waste,

Is this a platform adventure game? Is this game fun Is this game intense? It is a fantastic game. It has many traffic modes and the collation of iconic car make it more attractive. The graphic feature is good. It has many types of roads. But still fun as it is. A great way to pass the time. Despite being the last update was in 2020. Drive as fast as you dare to avoid the other vehicles. Lost a different car to buy. I Like this game and I love this game. I think it has a relaxing game,

The cars are so sick I like especially the last one, but too bad too much cash (but still, they are so fast. Even when you upgrade the speed. Hey, I like the music too. But there are two problems only I hope you guys fix them. First is that the cars are so expensive and the decorations too. the last one is that can you make a multiplayer race update pls,

Download Traffic Racer APK

Traffic Racer

App Name Traffic Racer
Size 59M
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Latest Version  3.3
Download 100,000,000+
Join the US  Make-Hindi
Offered By Soner Kara
Price Free
Get On Traffic Racer
Updated On  27 May 2020

 Traffic Racer APK Features

I love it. Very sensitive controls, plenty of chances to not crash because you have also a brake. Great graphics, different game modes, and a daily bonus race. Also, so many car models to buy game credits, altho the Ferrari is only purchasable with real money of 10.99€. I love Ferraris, but not going to pay 11€ For it, that’s for sure. Also, the ads are not so bad, 5 seconds mostly. A great game for passing time,

This is a great game I played it since it was new that was like 2012 I think but anyways great game keep up the good work also do you know if you could put it in a mechanic where you can save your replays and send them to friends and people that you know to show them that you got a high score,

I have been playing this game for such a long time and I just love the game. There are a few things that are being added not frequently, but sometimes, but may you please add new modes like being chased by cops, racing, and online racing If you read this, thank you so much for your convenience,

Amazing Graphics

This app is really great. Everything graphics, gameplay, the controls are totally awesome. I became a fan of this game long ago when I played it on my relative’s phone, and ever since that, I installed it on every phone I bought. I would just like to give a tiny bit of a suggestion to the developers please add a music system option by which we play our favorite music or songs while driving. Thanks again for this beautiful game,

I remember the first time I played this game was almost five years ago. Its graphics and gameplay were enjoyable then and enjoyable now. It was ahead of its time. Being a free game, there are advertisements, but they are few and far between compared to other free games. The lack of ads helps tremendously with in-game immersion. I highly recommend this game to anyone who reads this.

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This is a good game. Various new cars have also been added to it. But I wish that many more cars be added. And many more stages. I also wish that there should be multiplayer in the game so that we can improve our skills by playing with the other players. Also, there should be an option to add the player’s name. And there should be leaderboards worldwide wide and show our position in the world. At last thank you for making such a nice game,

I had fun playing this, there are a lot of car choices, and the turning and acceleration are pretty realistic. Unfortunately, there is no purchasable DeLorean, which I found disappointing, but doesn’t really take away from the quality of the game. If the device added a Delorean, I would be a very happy man,

How To Download And Install Traffic RacerAPK?

Remember: If you download the Traffic Racer APK for the other platform so you can uninstall it right now and Download Form the Play Store.

Step 1 –  We share the link to this Mobile game so if you want to download this Traffic Racer game, click on the link so you direct referrals to the Play Store and download it.

Step 2 – Go to the Play Store: First you go to the Play Store and search Traffic Racer APK in the search bar just click on the Download button and download it.

Step 3 – Install APK: Once the game is downloaded, If you want to install it so click on the install button and install it now.

Step 4 – Launch APK: The APK is installing is complete so it can show your android mobile screen tap on the app and use it. Also, play games with your friends.


I hope you download this App without facing any type of problem, you can use this App with your friends and also tell them about this App so they can download this amazing mobile app and they can also enjoy this App with you and other people. Please tell us about your experience with this amazing mobile app and also share this post with your friends and others.

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