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Welcome to make-hindi.comToday we tell you about the best Off The Road – OTR Open World Driving. This game is for sure an amazing and beautiful game, Just play with your friends.

Let’s say Nissan Skyline and you will agree with me. If you like driving, So Off The Road is for you. Respect for creators because there are no Ads, No boring, Feeling of action Run.

The greatest open world with HD graphics and excellent physics. The thumbnail doesn’t lie at all but dear Davis I have a request, can you guys add a second hand-brake button for drifting that doesn’t lock or instant stop

it’s been a long time since I’m trying to drift with the rally cars (just don’t change other things just make it when it turns then tap the second hand-brake button and it just drifts. Adding drift physics will change the whole gameplay, to be honest, especially collecting coins but with style.

this game is amazing with all the cars and the new customization and the damage physics are Good but could be better and I think a dirtbike would be sick also if you could look around in the first-person mode and see all around the interior of the vehicles that would make the game even better,

Others say that you need to collect cards to unlock cars BUT it took so LONG they said… if you play every day (not every hour in one day) you can unlock cars in one month or a few weeks and don’t need money to BUY A NEW CAR also the challenges are not hard (pls dev keep it up we like I

Awesome Game But Can We Be Able To Turn On Our Car Selves And Leave It Running When We Exit If It’s On Or Off Can U Please Add It Where We Can Be Able To Hopin Other AI Players, Vehicles And Add Manual Shifting Wich U Can Turn On

In The Gear Menu Thingy Can U Please Add General Lee And Hot Engine Temp Gauge Add Cold Temp And Add More Arcade Games Like Car Racing Or Exploration Car Arcade Games And Add Gas Features To And Be Able Roll Down Our Window/Windows Please Add Thanks!


What is Off The Road APK?

The game gets updated regularly and all but the tag mode, collector mode, etc. Doesn’t it’s like it’s there for no reason, another thing is the case, takes months and months to get only one car.

They need other ways to unlock like a secret mission to play or defeat bosses to get the boss car and also weather effects like natural lightning strikes and other natural effects. Best offline game ever, good for people who don’t always have internet. Plz, read my review. Another thing is the animal in the game,

I love this game. The graphics are great and the game plays smoothly. There are not a lot of ads which is great. The only way to make this game better is to please gets weather changes like stormy weather and natural disasters to make

it a bit more interesting and less repetitive. And please make it an online game where more players can play and houses where they can live and then you can go visit your friends whenever they are online. That would make this the best open-world game ever. Thanks

Love the game, but I don’t, understand why the train doesn’t, have a horn. I just got the red canyon and those orange flashing lights on top of the train should have a button for both the horn and the orange flashing lights. Whoever made the game, could you please put the buttons on the train?

This game is amazing ultra graphics is very amazing the shadow, sunlight, and the sea all is amazing one thing in the volcano stage ride into the city we like GTA 5 effect and the sun coming all is great and amazing, and the volcanoes original effect

I love this game very much you have to add a lot of walking and driving people, night and other things bikes, our house, and other things but this thing does not damage the game is amazing ❤️

It is a lot like GTA without the cops, gangs, and gunfire. Great graphics with a free-roam driver and walking. Islands to explore, things to collect. Downside: a crapload of ads, but understand why, and the gameplay compensates.

The Carry is the first truck you get and you’ll have it for a while and customizable. It’s an ok ride, but getting bored of it. You can gain cars, trucks, planes, choppers, and maps, but definitely not overnight unless you pay cash.

Download Off  The Road APK?

App Name Off The Road
Size 16M
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Latest Version 1.10.2
Download 10,000,000+
Join the US Make-Hindi
Offered by DogByte Games
Price Free
Get On Off The Road
Updated On 3 June 2021

 Off The Road APK Features?

I’ve previously reviewed this game, its a great game, and for a mobile game looks good and runs well, but again, there is one thing missing, peer multiplayer, just a basic 2-4 player multiplayer over 4G+ or WiFi would be cool, to avoid logging into unnecessary

apps you could add a Code-based joining system, much like in Exploding Kittens game, the host sets up a lobby and the lobby shows a join code that the host can share on Skype, etc., then they enter the code to join, and they have epic fun.

Very nice game and a nice concept, with great graphics and control, but its a complete money grab, all the cars are locked behind a paywall, you can unlock them by collecting cards,

but 2000 cards per vehicle and watching ads only give you only 3 cards, also gameplay tends to become repetitive, pick up 10 planks of wood from point a to point b and do that again 100 times.

It’s a good game, I enjoy the game because it is a free-roam game where there isn’t a set track/road you have to drive on, it’s a great game for my device,

it’s also sort of a game of hunting (hunting for the card packs) and collecting (collecting new cars) I really enjoy the game so much, I recommend it to people who are looking for a free-roam game,

Everything is good about the game, but I have to leave 4 stars instead of 5 because you run out of repairs and run out of money and you flip all the way over and you can’t drive to a free repair you have to restart the app every single time

it gets annoying and makes it so if you have these stats it becomes just a little unplayable and loses a lot of the fun so it would be better if you’re car is flipped you can use a repair without money so please do this thanks,

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Amazing Graphics

This game is absolutely amazing. The graphics are good, the control’s pretty simple and easy, and the gameplay is pretty good too. My favorite things about this game are the wrench and the car customization.

Yeah, it’s pretty hard to get cars as you need to grind them for hours but in my opinion, that’s what makes them unique from any other car games. Paywall sucks, but it doesn’t mean you can’t play without paying anything. So yeah, I highly recommend this game for y’all,

The graphics are fantastic. Please add a new urban landscape, a building map, and add a passenger transporting airplanes and big cargo ships. Great game. Please make

airplane controls more realistic. Work. Super game ever. Thank you a lot. And make an easy way to earn coins. So much time want to spend to buy some vehicles. Please make it fewer times Thanks again.

The games’ graphics and controls are fantastic. The helicopters, boats, and cars are realistic though expensive. If you love a game with a lot of tasks, then this game got you. I would love in the next update, please introduce weather changes such as rain, thunder, and snowfalls in the snowfield, and nighttime. Keep it up. Please read my review.

I have no complaint about this game, it’s great, but the only thing that gets me is the fact that you put lots of lights on your car, but none of them work + the interior needs to light up,

please add a night option to each map but make it completely free to unlock. Please. There’s also a car I’d like you to add, please add General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard, thank you and keep up the good work,

Thrilling And Fun Racing Game?

Well, it took a while to like this one. But I got to tell you it’s not boring, to say the least. A little ruff on the driver stability. The action buttons should be laid out differently or reaction time should be raised or something.

The rolling backward acts like the trucks in neutral or something instead of just stopping so I don’t have to worry about it the whole time takes the enjoyment away. Also, there should be more Jumping ramps.

The gameplay and driving in this game are super fun and responsive and I’ve played this game for years across a few devices, all I want now is a few more interesting maps,

a Lil bit different from what you’ve made in the past, either way, the game rocks. Also can you please make it so I can move the buttons anywhere on the screen not just the bottom half, best game ever, I recommend it to everyone,

I was surprised to see such a detailed and optimized open word game packed under 300MB! The number of things that can be done here is outrageous! Kudos to the developer for such a masterpiece!

We fans are actually waiting for the online version of this game to build our own community and spend some quality time with our mates on this open-world gaming platform.

How To Download And Install Off The Road APK?

Remember: If you download the Off The Road APK for the other platform so you can uninstall it right now and Download Form the Play Store.

Step 1 –  We share the link to this Mobile game so if you want to download this Off The Road APK game, click on the link so you direct referrals to the Play Store and download it.

Step 2 – Go to the Play Store: First you go to the Play Store and search Off The Road APK  in the search bar and just click on the Download button and download it.

Step 3 – Install APK: Once the game is downloaded, If you want to install it so click on the install button and install it now.

Step 4 – Launch APK: The APK is installing is complete so it can show your android mobile screen tap on the app and use it. Also, play games with your friends.


I hope you download this App without facing any type of problem, you can use this App with your friends and also tell them about this App so they can download

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