How to Remove and Turn off Red Dot Light on Apple Watch

How to hide red dot on apple watch: We have made this post for those people. Who has Apple Watch? Many people buy Apple Watch but many people do not know how to use it. Those people face very little.

Today we will tell you about one of the most common such problems. You must have noticed that when anyone wears an Apple Watch, people can very easily recognize the Apple Watch and how effective the device can be to keep you engaged, even if you are not paying attention to your iPhone or your iPhone. Don’t be around

If you have an Apple Watch, then you must have noticed that many times the red dot is easily visible in the upper part of the display of the Apple Watch. If you don’t see that point right, you want your Apple Watch to have no dot of any kind on the top. If you want to make your Apple Watch look neat,

you can hide that red dot by following the information given in this article. First, let’s see what the different colored icons on the Apple Watch represent. You have to follow all the given steps then only you will be able to remove that point.


What does Red Dot on Apple Watch Signify?

If you want to know about this red dot, then we tell you what is the work of this red dot. This red dot notification lets us know that we have some unseen or unread information.

As if any notification of any kind came on your Apple Watch and you have not read or responded to that notification. So the little red dot at the top of your Apple Watch shows there are pending notifications that need your attention.

how to hide red dot on apple watch


If you receive notifications of any kind on your Apple Watch, that red dot will remain on your watch face at all times if you don’t respond to each notification it receives. If you reply to that information, then that red dot will be removed.

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Hide Apple Watch Red Dot Using Your iPhone

If the red dot appears on your Apple Watch and you want to hide that point, there are two ways – the red dot that appears on your Apple Watch is called the “Notification Indicator”. We’ll show you how to hide the red dot using your iPhone first.

First of all, on your iPhone, open the Watch app and tap on “Notifications”.

It’s the first option in Apple Watch notification settings called “Notification Indicator.” If you want to hide this red dot on your Apple Watch, tap the switch next to “Notification Indicator” to do so. You have to remember that if the switch is green, it is on. If it’s not green, it’s off again.

You don’t have to exit your Apple Watch’s settings by doing the same. The red dot that used to appear will no longer be visible.

Apple Watch Red Dot How to Hide Your Apple Watch

If you are troubled by the red dot appearing on the top of the Apple Watch, then you can remove that point very easily. You can also remove that red dot from your Apple Watch very easily.

If you want to remove that point, you have to do so by tapping your watch’s display once to wake up that screen. After that, you’ll need to press the Digital Crown, which is the big circular button on the side of your Apple Watch.

how to hide red dot on apple watch

You have to press this Digital Crown. Pressing it opens a list or grid of apps on your Apple Watch. Then you have to tap on the gear icon to open the Settings of your Apple Watch.

how to hide red dot on apple watch

You’ll need to open “Notifications” under your Apple Watch settings.

how to hide red dot on apple watch

You’ll have to toggle this switch next to “Notification Indicator” to OFF. Once again, let us tell you that if you have to check your Apple Watch’s red color and turn off the switch. If your Apple Watch is green in color, your watch is enabled. If it’s gray again, it’s disabled. Your Apple Watch is disabled when the red dot appears

how to hide red dot on apple watch

After that, you should if you are opting out of that setting. With the red dot hidden on your Apple Watch, you can finally enjoy the new clean look on your watch face.


Various Type Of Color Icons On The Apple Watch?

  • Green Charge Icon
  • Red Charge Icon
  • Orange Airplane Mode Icon
  • Purple Moon Icon
  • Orange Face Icon
  • Blue Wifi Icon
  • Green Four Dots
  • Red Disconnected Icon
  • Red Cross Icon
  • Green Water Drop Icon
  • Red Dot Icon
  • Blue Audio Output Icon
  • Purple GPS/Location Icon
  • Blue Lock Icon
  • Dark Green Bed Icon
  • Greenish Yellow Running Icon
  • Yellow Walkie-Talkie Icon
  • Red Color Now Playing Icon
  • Black Right Direction Icon
  • Orange Mic Icon

Apple Watch FAQs

1. What does the red dot mean on Apple Watch?

If you want to know about this red dot. So let us tell you that it has a meaning. This means that a red dot on your Apple Watch indicates a new notification.

2. Is the Green Dot on Apple Watch Different from the Red Dot?
No, this green dot is exactly the same as the red dot and often appears in place of the red dot to some Apple Watch users. This green dot also alerts you to a new notification.

3. What is the green water lock icon on Apple Watch Series 2 or later and Apple Watch SE?
The green water lock icon indicates that the water lock has been turned on, and the screen will no longer respond to taps.


In this post, we have shown how to turn off the red dot on your apple watch in two ways. All these methods listed above are very simple and can be applied by anyone who owns a watch.

So, next time you will not find it difficult to get rid of that red light on notification on your Apple Watch. If you like this post then share this post
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