How To Change PS5 Online Status | Appear Offline | New 2023

If you haven’t yet told your friends that you’re logged into your PlayStation 5. So you can choose to hide your online status in this circumstance. In this post, we will show you how you can appear offline on PS5. We’re going to tell you about both the console and the PlayStation app

How to Appear Offline on the PS5

If you’ve made up your mind that you want to change your online status on your PS5, you’ll see an “up arrow” on your controller’s D-pad to prompt you to change this online status. To press and hold. Keep pressing until you reach the “profile icon” next to the settings.How to Appear Offline on PS5

Then you have to press “X” on the controller to open the drop-down menu and you will get three statuses but you have to select “Online Status” which appears below your name and above your profile, you have to press that Is

How to Appear Offline on PS5

When you touch the point of “Online Status” then three more statuses will come in front of you, you will first see the online status below it, you will see the busy status but you will have to click on the status with Appear Offline below this status. To do. You have to do this very carefully because even if you enable this preference, Sony notes that some older games may override it. Then it can show you your status to friends. But friends this is not related to new games.How to Appear Offline on PS5

How to Use the PlayStation App to Appear Offline on PS5

If you do not know about this PlayStation, then let me tell you that this PlayStation app also allows you to change your online status. Like any phone you have, be it Android or iPhone, you can open this PlayStation app in any. And then you will have the option to sign in to the PlayStation app,

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that is you have to sign in. You have to be very careful when you sign in. When you have successfully signed in, you will see a controller icon located in the lower-left corner. As soon as you touch that controller icon, some options will open in front of youHow to Appear Offline on PS5

Your name will appear in this option but you will see a “gear icon” in the upper-right corner to open “Settings” in the “Play” tab of your PlayStation app. You must touch that gear icon. As soon as you touch on that gear icon, some options will appear in front of you.

You will see the Console Management point and below that you will see Link Console to App icon below this icon, you will see the Sign in to PS5 icon. But you don’t need to touch them at all. But you will see an icon at the bottom, whose name is Online Status, you have to touch on this icon.

As soon as you select this icon. So three icons appear in front of you on PlayStation Network. First, you have to select the “Offline icon” to hide your online status from your friends.

You can enjoy your gaming session very peacefully as soon as you set the online status to appear offline status. Did you know that you can also use the PlayStation App to download PS5 games to your phone? This is another cool feature of the app that you must try.

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