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Welcome to our website Today I will be discussing the Garena Free Fire – Rampage game. In this game, you can see many features. This is an online game and needs to higher internet speed.

This is a very good game. I am already playing the Garena Free Fire game, for Overall three years and I am enjoying this game every day. It is my first battle royal game, and I love this game because it is also handled on many devices.

This is the best game for online gaming users. If you have to play any online game, then you must try this game. Only just one thing about this game is not good.

The thing is just you should add new modes, and items are permanent. Please keep the king mode gun permanent and add a solo king. This is the best game I played in my life, So I’ll be recommended it, you can download the Garena Free Fire game.

In this game, you can see many amazing places and guns like M416, AKM, P92, Kar98k, M24, etc. You can use in this game your gun skinnies. In this game, you can see many players in your game.

Now you entered a play and jump to your favorite place. Now you land on in this game. Then search your guns or items and get them. You have to search for amazing and rarer items. In this game,

You can see a blue zone, where you save yourself on the blue zone otherwise you will die. This is online, so you can easily play with your gaming online friends. You can only be member of a team in this game.

You have to survive in it for some time. While surviving, you can see your enemies anywhere, whom you have to kill. After you die, that enemy’s loot is created in a while in which you can exchange your required items.


How To Entry In Garena Free Fire Game?

You can easily enter this game. Just follow our steps.

  • First of all, Open your Garena Free Fire game.
  • Now connect it to your Facebook or any other account.
  • Now select your character and save it.
  • Then touch on the start game.
  • You can see many players before starting the game
  • Now you are in-plane and jump to your favorite place.

The Garena Free Fire game is one of the best online games. You can easily be wearing a dress on your character. This does not require which one you choose your character if you are a boy or girl.

You are a boy so you can easily choose the girl character, and if you are a girl, then you have to select a boy character. The Garena Free Fire is a very famous game.

This is a free pass or a royal pass game. In this game, you get daily missions or weekly missions. You can complete these missions and you have got an amazing item.

This mission is not tough, but some missions are tough. Not everyone can complete these missions. In this game, You can see many amazing emotes and powers.

You can control this game, with joystick help. If you can jump, then press the jumping button. Then you have to sleep now press the sleep button. If you have to purchase the royal pass, then you can see amazing rewards and gun skinned. If you can improve your online gaming skills, then you can practice in training mode and play short or mini-matches.

This is good, but it’s unfair to some people who can’t spend money for buying in-game money or diamonds. It’s really bad for them. They can not be purchasing characters, Gun skins, and pets because they are costly.

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Garena Free Fire – Rampage Download This Game?

App Name Garena Free Fire – Rampage
Version 1.93.1
Size Varies with device 716MB
Downloads 5,00,000,000+
Updated 4 June 2022
Get It no Garena Free Fire: Booyah Day
Join Us Make-Hindi
Released On 20 November 2017
Requires Android 4.1 and up

Features Of The Garena Free Fire – Rampage v1.93.1 APK Download?

The features of this game are nice. This is a good expendable graphic and also low MB for low devices. In this game, you can see amazing characters, amazing Guns, amazing vehicles, and amazing pets. But there is one issue, every item is very costly.

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Great Graphics

This is a very good game, and the graphics of this game are fabulous. If you have a low device, then the game is lagging. The graphics matter in every game.

The Garena Free Fire – Rampage sound is very good and the gunfire is so cool. This is the best action or surviving game.


If you have unlocked more characters and guns, Then you have the most diamonds. If you have not demanded, then you can not be purchasing characters or pets, guns, and everything. So diamonds are very important in this game.

How To Download Garena Free Fire – Rampage v1.93.1 APK Download?

Remember- If you download this game on your device with any other platform, you have to uninstall this game right now. Because it´s very harmful to your device.

Step 1 – Go To Get It On– If you can download this game, then click on the Get It On Option.

Step 2- Open Your Play Store- First of all, open your play store.

  • Now search for Garena Free Fire – Rampage Game.
  • Then click here to install.
  • Now, wait some time. Then you have to see your game installed.


I hope you will understand everything without facing any problems. If you have to face any problem, then comment, and contact us. I´ll solve your problem in just a few minutes. If you like this post, then share us with your friends.

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