How to Do a Finishing Move in Modern Warfare 2

Finishing Move MW2: If you don’t know this. That’s how finishing moves are done in Modern Warfare 2. You need to stay on this article to know this.

If you have been constantly trying to make a finishing move for a long time. But you are not able to make the finishing move.

You know this. That finishing moves are a mechanic. It does the animation perfectly on the enemy.

Here you will get to see Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, and Vanguard.

If you are behind an enemy, you can perform them easily without any trouble.

enemy or else you die during the fight. Then the last move is canceled outright.

Perform furnishing moves if you are standing, prone, or if you are facing down on an enemy performing. So this trick makes different changes for you.

Often additional characters or even pets can appear with you in many moves. Which carries out the animation perfectly.

In this guide, you will get to learn it. How to make a perfect final move in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) on PC, PS4, PS5, or Xbox.

Finishing Move MW2
Finishing Move MW2

What is a finishing move in MW2?

Finishing move There is a final move animation in MW2. Through this, the enemy can be easily repelled.

If you want to unlock the Finishing move. For this, you can easily unlock through a table pass and store items.

After you make a great finishing move, the operator will ask you a specific line.

This line can be correctly selected in the quips menu.

In this, you will get to see many finishing moves apart from facing the end, between the ribs, and Staying Frosty.

How to do a finishing move in Modern Warfare 2

Finishing Move MW2

If you want to do the finishing move in Modern Warfare 2. But if you are not able to do it, then for this you have to long press the melee button correctly while staying behind the enemy.

But if you are using a controller while fighting. Then you have to long press the R3 button or the right thumbstick.

If you are playing this game on your PC. So you have to hold down the V button.

You must pay attention to this matter. If you or your enemy dies. So this game is canceled.

But if you die while doing any kind of finishing move. So your enemy will be saved.

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