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Hello friends, welcome to our website Today I will discuss a fighting game. His name is the Fighting Tiger – Liberal. In this game, you can see many enemies.

This is an amazing fighting game. I am already playing the Fighting Tiger game. Overall 2 years. I am enjoying this game every day. The Fighting tiger is an offline fighting game.

So you can play this game without the AdSense problem. So thanks to these creatures, he makes this amazing offline game. If you can play any offline fighting game, then you have to try the Fighting Tiger game. This game response on every device is to be good. You can play easily this game on any device.

In this game, you have to see 6 characters, 3 is a boy he is named  GIN, and 3 is a girl she is named SHAN. You can play mini-fights in this game. When you start playing this, you get many levels in this game. And every level is harder than harder or more challenging.

A boss comes at the end of every level and is to be killed to finish the level. You will get some weapons like bombs, sticks, Health, Power, Ninja Blades, etc. From the enemy, you kill in this. This is an interesting game, Now you have to try the Fighting Tiger game.


How to Entry in his Game?

In this game, entry is too easy and reliable. This game is very simple to play, and everybody can be played easily.

  • First of all, open your Fighting Tiger game.
  • Now choose your match simple or mini fight.
  • Then select your player boy or girl.
  • Now click here to start.

The Fighting Tiger game is nice and you can play this. The Character Of this game is very cool and is a fighter. Let’s talk about more moves in this game for his character.

Moves Of Fighting Tiger?

Use the joystick to move GIN and SHAN around. You can rotate the camera by sliding your tiger on the touch screen. Tap on the “Face road” button, and the camera and GIN will immediately face the same direction. Tap the “Camera” Button to switch view Point.

Attack – Tap the first button to “Punch”, You can mix the “Punch” and “Kick” buttons to create a continuous action of various attacks.

SP Attack – When the blue energy bar is shining and the “angry” button will appear. You can tap the “Angry” button to begin a special ” Invincible attack”. Once you tap the “Angry” button GIN`s body will shine for several seconds GIN Body. Shining you must tap the “Punch” or “Kick’  or “Catch” “Defense” button to use “Invisible Attack”

Flying Kick – Tap any attack button, when you are jumping. If you are hit and hurled tap the defense button to kick out around enemies.

Defense – Don’t move and face the enemy, then press and hold the “Defense” button, You can defense must attack except.

Dodge – Tap the defense button when GIN is moving.

Free Mode – Now try your best to fight.

Weapons – Tap the dust button to unlimitedly shoot darts. When you are above the weapon to her a box, tap the catch button to pick up it. Tap the fight button to throw the weapon box. If you want to discard the weapon, just tap the catch button again

Fighting Tiger – Liberal v2.7.5 APK Download?

Fighting Tiger

App Name Fighting Tiger
Version 2.7.5
Size 62 MB
Downloads 50,000,000+
Updated On Aug 28, 2022
Join Us Make-Hindi
Get It On Fighting Tiger
Released On Apr 14,  2011
Offered By Jiin Feng

Features Of Fighting Tiger – Liberal v2.7.5 APK

This game feature is to be good, and the sound of this game is reliable. This is an offline game, so you have no Adsense problem with playtime. So let’s talk about more features of this game.

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Great Graphics

The Game of these graphics is nice, but not impressive. But remember just one thing, the game graphics depend on your device. If your device is good, then the game graphics result is cool. In these graphics, you can many weapons and enemies. In this game, you cannot use coins

Offline Game

This an offline game. So thanks to his creators he makes this amazing offline game. That’s an offline game, so you do have not an Adsense problem. If you have any Adsense problems, then Off your internet.

How to Download Fighting Tiger – Liberal v2.7.5 APK Download?

Remember- If you have already downloaded this game on any other platform or website. Then you have to right now uninstall. Because this an Illegal, and this is very harmful to your device.

Step 1- If you download this amazing game, Then click on the Get It On Option. It takes you to the Play Store.

Step 2- First of all, open your play store and search for the Fighting Tiger Game.

  • If you see this, Then click on it.
  • Now here you can see the install option, Simply click on this install option.
  • Then you have to wait a few seconds. After sometimes you can see your game was downloaded.
  • Now your device is scanning this game. Then you can see this game on the app icon.
  • Simply click on this, and play it.


I hope you will be understood everything, without facing a problem. If you like this post, then share as with your friends.

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