Difference Between Extension and Extention – 2023

Difference Between Extension and Extention: Often many students make wrong use of some words while studying, and for this reason, they also bear the consequences. Often it has been seen that there are many words that are very similar.

If viewed closely, both words are very different, as “Extention and Extension”, it is two words that look similar, but if seen, one of these words is correct and the other word is misspelled.

This word is a homophone, “a word that looks similar” which becomes very easy to mistake with such words, often all the students make this mistake very easily.

Difference Between Extension and Extention


The Meaning of Extension:

  • Extension This word has been taken from Extrusion, but it is completely wrong.
  • It is a noun with different meanings.
  • It works perfectly to spread a process or a component which means an increase in length.
  • Although it can also mean expansion.
  • It also increased in width or rectangle.
  • A human skull or synthetic wall associated with the scalp shows natural hair even more beautiful or longer.
  • If the time during a particular course is not larger than the correct one.

Difference between Extension and Extention

Although often many students know that Extension means to stretch or expand into something big, Extention is a completely wrong word, but still, many students write Extension instead of writing Extension.

Examples of sentences using the word extension:

  • Yesterday your brother wore a beautiful hair extension in the market.
  • One of our organizations wants to expand the agriculture department in the USA.
  • Today our company has chosen me to head our new expansion in Ambuja as I am an expert when it comes to marketing. “It is often observed that there is a wrong place for Extention”
  • If you want to recharge your mobile for a long time then you have to get an extension code attached to that socket.
  • Today I feel that we should give him a contract extension as he has proved to be the best so far.
  • Today we have built an extension at the back of our house as our family continues to grow.
  • The hair extensions she wore at the mall on Monday made her hair look longer.

Sentences using the word Extention.

  • Today we have built an extention behind our office. (this is totally wrong)
  • The extention my brother wore on Monday didn’t match my hair color. (this is totally wrong)
  • When I saw that my wife was not able to repay the loan on time, I asked for an extention of time. (this is totally wrong)

Synonyms of the word extension

  • Stretch
  • Enlargement
  • Protraction
  • Prolongation
  • Expansion
  • Increment
  • Augmentation
  • Annexe e.t.c.


Often many students write “Extension” while writing Extension, which is completely wrong, and many students’ answers often go wrong, so you definitely need to recognize this.

You must have come to know both the words “Extension and Extension” by this author because in this article we have shared information on both of them so that you do not have to face any kind of problem in the future.

Hope you have liked this article written by us because through this article you can easily find out the difference between “Extention and Extension”.

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