Bike Race Free – Top Motorcycle Road Racing Games v8.2.0 APK Download

Hello, everyone Welcome to our website, Today I’ll know you the best Bike stunting in the Bike Race Free game. I am already playing this for 2 years, and I have enjoyed this game every day.

The Bike Race Free game is full of challenges. So, thanks to these creators, this creates an amazing offline and online game. Because you can play this game anytime and anywhere.

If you play any bike stunning offline game, then you will try this one time. You can play this game single or multiplayer. In this game, you can see so many stages and every stage on many levels. Not everyone plays this game properly. With this help, you can improve your bike-stunting gaming skills.

If you want to play this game without an Adsense problem, Then you play this game in flight mode. So that you do not have any Adsense problems. If You want to play this multiplayer,

then you must have your internet first. Now you click on the multiplayer. Here you can play this game with random players also. If you want to play this game with your friends,

then you click on the Facebook option and connect your game to Facebook. It is not easy for everyone to play this game. Only a bike stunt gamer is playing it.

Because this game is very small in size, So it very easily works on Android phones without any legging. If you have a lover of bike games, then you have to try this game.


How To Entry In Bike Race Free game?

In this game, the entry process is very easy. So if you have any problem with entry so you can follow our steps.

  • First of all, Open your Bike Race Free game.
  • Now click on the touch first.
  • Now select your way.
  • Then choose your stage.
  • Now you are in the game.

In this game, you can see many stages like Desert, Artic, Dones, Hills, Beach, Savanna, Advanced Levels, special packs, and many hard levels. You can fly your bike like a flying car on the tracks of this game.

The tracks of this game are very rough in which it is very difficult o control a bike. You can control your bike with your device in this game. This is a very good low-size game. Which works very well on any device.

If you want to earn coins as fast as possible in this game, then you have played this game in duo mode. Where you can win some coins. So I’ll be recommending you have downloaded the Bike Race Free game.

Bike Race Free – Top Motorcycle Road Racing Games v8.2.0 APK Download

1. App Name Bike Race Free – Top Motorcycle Road Racing Games
2. Version 8.2.0
3. Size 34.58M
4. Downloads 100,000,000+
5. Updated On 12 November 2020
6. Join Us Make-Hindi
7. Get It On Bike Race
8. Offered By Top Free Games.
9. Released By Jul 23, 2012
10. Requires Android 4.2 and up

Features Of Bike Race Free – Top Motorcycle Road Racing Games v8.2.0 APK

In this game, you can see many features. In this game, you can play online games with your friends. Many events happen in this game like the world cup. You can also play tournaments in this game. At the beginning of this game, you will get to see special offers. Here you can buy a lot t low prices.

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Great Graphics

The graphics of this is not impressive, but the Bike Race Free is better than his graphics. The sound of the Bike Race Free game is cool and the bike sound is very nice. In these graphics, you can see many amazing stages and levels. So if you are a champ then try this game.


If you have to open your new bikes and levels, then you have to need gold coins. If you can earn this gold coin, then play vs mode and earn more coins. Otherwise, in this game, you can buy for your real money.

How To Download Bike Race Free v8.2.0 APK?

Remember – If you downloaded the Bike Race Free v8.2.0 APK? Game on any other platform, so you have to uninstall this game right now. Because it’s very harmful to your device.

Step 1- If you download Bike Race Free amazing game, Then click on the Get It On Option. It takes you to the Play Store.

Step 2- First of all, open your Play Store and search for the Bike Race Free Game.

  • If you see Bike Race Free, Then click on it.
  • Now here you can see the install option, Simply click on this install option.
  • Then you have to wait a few seconds. After sometimes you can see your game was downloaded.
  • Now your device is scanning this game. Then you can see this game on the app icon.
  • Simply click on this, and play it.


The quality of this game is very good. You can play this game, without mobile data. I hope you like this game information. If you like this information and the game, So please share his post with friends.

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