31+ TOP SEO Experts Of The World You Should Be Following [Massive List]

Hello friends, today in this post I am going to issue you a list of some of the top SEO in the world. So you read this post very carefully. In the list of this post, we are going to include all the SEO experts from all over the world. This list will help you find the top SEO experts in the world. You and we all know that SEO is the most important part of the organic success of any website on the internet. If you do not know about it, then you will understand this post properly only then you will understand.

TOP SEO Experts Of The World


Why SEO Expert List

We tell you that you have to first prepare this list so that you too can follow all the best SEOs around the world on their social media channels and you can get our knowledge of SEO absolutely free. If you have created a brand company or you have. If you want to hire SEO professionals for your website then you can contact them for the same.

We tell you that the world’s top SEOs are known for the advanced SEO strategies that people follow for their websites.

How this list is Created

We have made this list for you only after doing a lot of searching on the internet and talking personally to some of the top SEOs. These logos have a huge impact on the SEO industry, analyzing their experience of listing them in this premium list. Which you can see below

31+ List of Best SEO Experts in the World

  1. Neil Patel (Founder of Crazy Egg & NPDigital, Country: USA, Twitter: @neilpatel)
  2. Brian Dean (Founder of Backlinko, Country: USA, Twitter: @Backlinko)
  3. Rand Fishkin (Founder Moz, currently at Wizard of Moz, Country: USA Twitter:@randfish )
  4. Guy Sheetrit (CEO of Over the Top SEO)
  5. Vanessa Fox ( CEO at Keylimetoolbox)
  6. Eric Enge (Founder & CEO at Stone Temple Marketing)
  7. Barry Schwartz (CEO of RustyBrick & founder of Search engine Roundtable, Twitter @rustybrick)
  8. Jeff Quipp (Founder & CEO of Search Engine People Inc, Twitter: @senginepeople)
  9. Spencer Haws (Founder of Nichepursuits.com, Twitter: @nichep@ursuits)
  10. Areej AbuAli (Founder of Women in Tech SEO, Twitter: @areej_abuali)
  11. Dave Davies (Co-founder at Beanstalk Internet Marketing, Twitter: @beanstalkim)
  12. Dan Taylor (Head of Research & Development / SALT.agency, Twitter: @taylordanrw)
  13. Jes Scholz (International Digital Director / Ringier AG, Twitter: @jes_scholz)
  14. Fili Wiese (SEO expert at SearchBrothers.com, Twitter: @filiwiese)
  15. Ruth Everett (SEO Analyst DeepCrawl, Twitter: @rvtheverett)
  16. Tyler Reardon (SEO Manager at Chewy, Twitter: @TylerReardon)
  17. Carolyn Shelby (Technical SEO & News SEO / ESPN, Twitter: @cshel)
  18. Christoph C. Cemper (Founder & CEO Linkresearchtools, Twitter: @cemper)
  19. Craig Campbell (Founder at Craig Campbell SEO, Twitter: @craigcampbell03)
  20. Jackie Chu (Global SEO Lead, Uber, Twitter: @jackiecchu)
  21. Jeff Ferguson (Partner  / Amplitude Digital, Twitter: @countxero)
  22. Ross Hudgens (Founder & CEO of Siege Media, Twitter: @rosshudgens)
  23. Cindy Krum (CEO & Founder / MobileMoxie, Twitter: @Suzzicks)
  24. Jan-Willem Bobbink (Freelance SEO Consultant, Twitter: @jbobbink)
  25. Valentin Pletzer (SEO head at BurdaForward GmbH, Twitter: @VorticonCmdr)
  26. Lily Ray (SEO Director / Path Interactive, Twitter: @lilyraynyc)
  27. Suganthan Mohanadasan (Co-Founder & Technical SEO Lead / Snippet Digital, Twitter: @Suganthanmn)
  28. Andrea Volpini (CEO of WordLift, Twitter: @cyberandy)
  29. Kristopher Jones (Founder of LSEO, Twitter: @krisjonescom)
  30. Taylor Berg (SEO Manager at Talkspace, Twitter: @taylorannberg)
  31. Brodie Clark (SEO Consultant / Brodie Clark Consulting, Twitter: @brodieseo)
  32. Adam Riemer (President / Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC, Twitter: @rollerbladeron)

We have mentioned for you the names of the best SEO geeks founders from around the world who led the SEO industry for different sectors and companies. If you also in your mind that you want to learn SEO for free, then you can also follow these people on Twitter. Their Twitter handles can be your great resource for learning SEO. Because these people keep giving great information about SEO on their Twitter handles. That’s why we would request that you must follow these people on Twitter handles.

You can also contact them very easily for SEO services or SEO consultation for your business or website.

You can use SEO for a few days as a trial of some SEO tools, whose names we have given below for you, which you can see.

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Semrush (Get 14 days Free trial)
  3. AtlasVPN
  4. The Events Calendar


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