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Hello, friends are you looking for the Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO on Google Keyword research is important if you need to increase traffic to your website. We will tell you the right content to help you increase organic search traffic on it.

The challenge for you is that finding the right keyword research tool can be very difficult especially if you are completely new to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In this article, we are going to share with you the best keyword research tools. Using this you can double your website traffic.

Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO


What is a Keyword Research Tool?

Let us tell you that this keyword research tool helps you to find the topic ideas that people are searching for on Google, or on search engines like Bing, Amazon, etc. Due to these, organic traffic comes to the website. With their help, it helps you to find such content ideas for those, which are looking for more or fewer customers on Google. You can then plan your content strategy to cover those topics in your blog posts and landing pages.

These keyword research tools are very helpful for you to see both short keywords and long-tail keywords, where your competitors are ranking on top of you. Then you can target those keywords and improve your content to steal their traffic. Then you can probably rank at the top. That being said, let’s see. What are the best keyword research tools for SEO? Take a look at the SEO tools you can use.

1. SEMrush

If you want to bring organic traffic to your website then you should use this SEMrush. For example, if you want to do some short keyword research, you can take the help of this tool. If you do this then the ranking of your website can be better. And it’s a complete SEO tool suite to help you improve your SEO ranking.

Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Using this keyword overview tool, you can type in a keyword and get a complete picture of everything you need to know. This includes how many people search for a keyword (monthly search volume), whether it is increasing in popularity or becoming less popular in trends, And much more, with the help of this tool, you can get your web ranked.

Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO

If you scroll down, you can also see a handy list of other similar keywords you might want to use, as well as a list of organic search results on this so you can find it You can use this tool to find out what your competitors are looking for in keywords. Where is it ranked? You may also see Google ads that use that keyword in PPC advertising (pay-per-click advertising).

With the help of this tool, you can learn about any domain very easily as you can type in another website to see their organic search terms, keyword data, and other organic traffic metrics. If you click on the Organic Research tab, you will see relevant keywords, your competitor’s Search Engine Ranking Position (SERPs), Traffic Value (CPC), And you can see many more.

All the top marketers in the world rate SEMRush as a keyword research tool. Their full suite of tools can help you with content marketing, digital marketing, social media, and more. But you have to pay some money for this tool. With its help, you can bring a lot of organic traffic to your websites.

2. AnswerThePublic

If you have not used this tool, then we tell you how to use it. Let us tell you that AnswerThePublic works a little differently from most other keyword research tools. They present the keywords in a nice visual format, though you can also view them in a list or download a .csv file of the results.

If you’re just getting started with SEO and keyword research, this is a great tool to start with, because you don’t even need to create an account to use AnswerThePublic. Just type your keyword inside it and see what comes up.

We tell you that this AnswerThePublic keyword result is based on the auto-suggest/auto-complete features of Google and Bing. If you find any of these keywords you can click on any of these keywords to search for it in Google, and it will take you to a new tab.

This will show you what content you should be ranking in order to rank your website. And what’s a featured snippet on that. The free version of AnswerThePublic is a great resource for bloggers. However, if you do a keyword search on a regular basis, you will need their pro plan. This is also a great tool that you can use too.

3. Ubersuggest

As you must know Ubersuggest is a free tool from Neil Patel that provides Ubersuggest search volume data, keyword suggestions, how difficult it is to rank your keywords (keyword difficulty), and much more.

Tells you a lot of keywords related to your keyword and it sees a ton of suggestions, as well as a table of the top 100 Google results for that keyword, including estimated visits, the number of backlinks, a domain score and Includes the total number of social shares.

Let me tell you that this tool also shows the number of content related to your keywords, estimated monthly visits, backlinks, and shares on Facebook and Pinterest, under Content Ideas. If you put your domain here

If you sign in to Ubersuggest with your Google account, this tool does not charge you any money for using this tool for 7 days. If you want to use this tool more then you have to pay some money. And you will be able to get more keyword suggestions, daily rank tracking, and personalized SEO tips. UberSuggest also comes with a Chrome extension that can help you improve your workflow.

4. Ahrefs

Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

I believe that if you have created a new website, then you should use Ahrefs because Ahrefs is another popular keyword research tool that provides better features than SEMrush. Using Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, you can generate lots of keyword ideas by just typing a keyword in the search box. And you will see the complete list of keyword suggestions. You can also create a new list by yourself

Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

If you want to write a post for yourself, you can also use Ahrefs to see the keywords for the post your competitors are ranking for (but you’re not), so you can find keywords related to those topics. Create new content pieces to target.

Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

Another good competitive intelligence functionality that Ahrefs provides is the ability to see new keywords and keyword movement in search queries.

Both SEMrush and Ahrefs also offer a bunch of other useful tools, like reports that find broken links on your site, PPC keywords for AdWords, and more. And you can keep CPC and volume according to what you

5. Google Keyword Planner

If seen, then everyone knows this Google Keyword Planner. This Google Keyword Planner is actually designed for use by advertisers who want to run their ads on Google. Although it is still considered a useful tool for SEO, and unlike other tools, this tool is available for free if you want to use it.

You will need a Google Ads account if you want to access this tool. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create one again and enter your payment details, but you don’t need to run an active campaign or pay for anything.

Once you have access to Keyword Planner through your Google Ads account, you can type in any type of keyword then you can see all the data for that keyword. You can also see how many monthly searches are there for that keyword. You’ll also see a long list of related keyword measures that you scroll through or download.

6. Long Tail Pro

It’s a tool like many premium keyword tools, and Long Tail Pro provides a thorough overview of the data about your keywords, paying special attention to where you land on the first page of Google. How can you rank against your competitors? This gives you the idea to be ranked, this tool is very helpful in ranking your website.

You can use this tool to take a look at the top results in search engines for your keywords to see where and how you can compete with your competition. Only then do you rank.

You can also enter the specific keywords you want to be tracked to be ranked, so you can see how your content’s ranking for those keywords changes over time. Because of this, you will rank up very soon

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7. Serpstat

Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

If seen, the Serpstat tool is another excellent keyword research tool but it is much more than just tools and tools. Very soon, you can easily see the top Google results for your keywords if you follow up with your Snakestat. These results include the site that appears in the featured snippet (if any) as the first result, which is why IsItWP’s post is shown in both the first and second positions in the screenshot below. That’s why this tool is considered the most special

Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

If you can, you can also see a lot of details about your competitors for any keyword, with an indication of how visible they are from this tool instead (the higher the number here, the more visitors they get) ). You can see everything from another website with this tool

Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

8. SpyFu

Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

Let me tell you about SpyFu this tool is designed to let you learn from your competitors by digging into their most profitable keywords (and their ads too). That’s why this tool is considered a great tool in itself.

As you log in to them for more tools. You can play it for free without even logging in. Simply type in SpyFu the URL of the site you want to visit in the search bar and you will immediately see the results of that website. If you want to view multiple sites, you’ll need to create a free account and log in. Then you can see another website

Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

Let us tell you that this SpyFu aggregates the past data of all the websites so that you can very easily see how your own site or your competitor’s site has fallen and increased in the ranking for particular keywords. If you want, you can also compare your site with other sites in your industry. Here’s a look at Moz’s website compared to some other sites on similar topics. This happiness makes this tool strong

Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

Which is the best keyword research tool? (expert pick)

If you want to ask which is the most popular keyword research tool it is. So after you have tried these tools from Batadu, we found that SEMRush and Ahrefs are both the best keyword research tools.

If you want to run these tools for free, then you can run them for a few days. If looking for a free keyword research tool, try Answers Public or Google Trends.

If you are a blogger or eCommerce website, for the keyword research strategy to work, you will need to set up Google Analytics and connect Google Search Console to your website. You will benefit a lot from this.

All in all these tools help you see how your website is performing for specific keywords along with showing the average CTR (click-through rate) on your listings. You can make changes to your headline to boost CTR and further improve your keyword ranking. All these tools are great. You can rank your website very easily by using them.


We have told you in this article which are the Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO. Through this post, a lot of problems for all new website beginners must have been exposed.

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